Freeze improv

Group starts in a circle, or can work in pairs. A person then enters circle and freezes in a dramatic pose. Another person must then decide what the pose suggests and begin a dialogue, person A must go along with the dialogue and action until the teacher calls ‘freeze’ person A then leaves the action and a different person must enter the action.

This process is repeated until all learners have had a go. This exercise can also work in pairs, however I think it is much more exciting as a whole group.


Discuss the use of levels in movement. Two learners start a scene on a given topic and try to work with interesting shape relationships.  When deemed appropriate, an audience member calls ‘freeze!’ Both actors freeze, and the audience member enters the acting area, taking the frozen position of one of the actors.  The new actor initiates a new scene from the stimulus of the frozen picture.  Continue repeating the exercise, involving a new actor each time.