This is a….

For this example I have used the words I usually use which are tick and tock, however these words can be changed to anything. It is the basic principle that is important.
Group starts in a circle, the teacher hands an object (e.g. a pen) to the left. The teacher says ‘this is a tick’  the learner who receives the object must answer by saying ‘A what?’ The teacher replies again ‘A tick’.
The first learner then passes the object to the next person, saying ‘this is a tick’ The next learner then asks ‘a what’ and the first learner must then ask the leader ‘A what?’

The leader replies, ‘a tick’.  The first learner then tells the second learner ‘a tick’.

The second learner then tells the third ‘this is a tick and so on, repeating the process until the object has gone round the whole group.

The leader can then pass a second object to the right, following the same procedure of statement, question, statement however this time this is a tick is changed to ‘this is a tock.’  This game requires a great amount of concentration, particularly when the two objects cross.