Word at a time stories

Group starts in a circle. A story is then started by the teacher, once upon a time….. the story is thenpasses around the circle with each person adding one word to the story.

The story should be spontaneous and flow as fast as possible. It will probably fail the first couple of times, try to draw out ideas as to why? What is blocking it? i.e. introducing too many characters, not listening to what has happened before, forgetting what has happened, trying to be clever, and going off on tangents without a way back.

Introduce the idea of not delaying the adjectives and adverbs, what does this do to the story what happens as a listener and the teller of the story? Move on to phrases at a time and building on a situation. (Unfortunately – fortunately) Variation………. Bring story starters and story ends written on pieces of paper be really fun with them or as whacky as you, as a group have to make the middle part of the story.