Basic Tableaux

Tableaux are essentially still images, they are an incredibly important tool used to structure and frame learners work, giving them a sense of space and dramatic action. They can be used in endless ways, but the principle is always

the same. Here are a few examples of how to use tableaux effectively Basic tableaux

  • Put into groups of 4/5 – mixing friendship groups
  • They are then given a situation and 2 minutes to create a Still Image of an event – ‘Wedding’, ‘Christening’, ‘Funeral’, ‘Surprise Party’ camp fire
  • Count down from 5, use count to assume the Still Image position for audience to observe, (or could do it as a competition, which group can do it faster). Exercise is really adaptable and can be cross referenced to other curricular lessons, base on particular themes, history, science etc. i.e. famous historical images such as ‘The Battle of Hastings’, or Rosa Parks.
  • Before each new still image, change the groups to ensure that the students work in different groups each time
  • Come back to a circle and ask what made various still images effective