Welcome To Drama Games

Your free educational resource, dedicated to games and exercises to be used to develop skills used in the performing arts. As all drama teachers and practitioners know, drama games are an invaluable resource for teachers for use in their acting classes especially in drama classes for kids, they fundamental for team building, developing communication skills and confidence building, they allow learners to understand how to engage with activities by placing particular demands on the learner.

This resource is designed as an action research project, aimed at improving the quality of teaching in the life long learning sector, it attempts to not only provide quick, accessible games for basic ice breakers, warm ups and team building skills etc, it also attempts to compile further categories that link development exercises  to support current curriculum studied in vocational and further education, moreover by contributing to this site, users are able demonstrate their commitment to the new lluk overarching professional standards and values.

As this is an action research project the site cannot develop without the contribution of current teachers, practitioners and other interested parties.    So feel free to upload, contribute and make suggestions of how this site can further improve the quality of teaching through collaboration and resource sharing.