One Two Three

Divide group into pairs, have them sit facing each other. Start counting from one to three between the pairs consecutively, over and over until they grasp it comfortably. Now each time you or your partner says ‘two’ that person claps their hands, Then, whenever one of you says ‘three’, stamp your foot. A: ‘One’ B: ‘Two’ (Claps hands) C: ‘ Three’ ( Stamp foot) This exercise require learners to be extremely focused and develops co-ordination and concentration.

Park Bench

The first player on-stage sits silently, displaying as much about their character as they can without verbalising it. The next player in makes a strong complimenting character choice. A complimenting character may be contrasting or supporting. The player coming on should make strong character choices as soon as they are off their seat. This means … Continue reading

Person to Person

Learners move freely around the space. The teacher will call out ‘person to person’ on this command the learners must find a partner, the teacher can then ask the groups to connect certain body parts e.g ‘knee to ankle’ One person would have to touch the other person ankle with their knee, and so on. … Continue reading

Prop Improv

This game stimulates imagination by encouraging multiple answers for the same question.  You need a variety of props.  Participants stand in a circle.  the leader shows the prop to the participants, saying ‘ what could this prop be? We’re going to pass it around the circle and each of you will show us something that … Continue reading

The Mysterious Object

Activity, go round in a circle and tell a story about the origins of the object and how it came here. Each person can add something different to the story, giving it more power or devaluing the power. Discuss what they liked about this and why, how does it effect the story? Variations Ask learners … Continue reading

This is a….

For this example I have used the words I usually use which are tick and tock, however these words can be changed to anything. It is the basic principle that is important. Group starts in a circle, the teacher hands an object (e.g. a pen) to the left. The teacher says ‘this is a tick’  … Continue reading

Traffic Lights

An active physical warm up game, this game is so versatile I have seen endless variations adding and changing different rules, however the basic principle is that each of the colours of the traffic light are given respective rules. ‘GREEN’ – walk/run around the space. ‘AMBER’ – Stand on one leg. ‘RED’ – Stop still … Continue reading

Word at a time stories

Group starts in a circle. A story is then started by the teacher, once upon a time….. the story is thenpasses around the circle with each person adding one word to the story. The story should be spontaneous and flow as fast as possible. It will probably fail the first couple of times, try to … Continue reading

Zip Zap Boing

Group starts in circle, one of the players points to another player to one side of them and says ‘zip’. That player turns to the next player in the circle, points to them and says ‘zip’. Thus the ‘zip’ is passed around the circle in one direction. At any time any player can say ‘zap’ … Continue reading